Water Heaters Installation & Repair Services In Calgary

Whether it’s a simple repair or a new hot water heater installation, when you are looking for a professional contractor, Calgary’s The Punctual Plumber, can fix or replace your hot water heater the same day! It’s easy to forget about your water heater. It sits in your basement silently and reliably putting out hot water. It’s easy to forget about it until something goes wrong. Water heaters are not as maintenance free as some people would like to believe. And if you have a problem, you may need to contact a Calgary plumber.

If your water heater is leaking from a fitting, it probably can be fixed. But, if it is leaking from the actual tank, such as a rust spot or seam, it may be time to find a new water heater. The Punctual Plumber, your Calgary hot water heater contractor, provides professional water heater technicians that can skillfully diagnose and, if necessary, address any repair issues. Our water heater professionals are up to date on all the latest in hot water heating technology and can install a new water heater including tankless hot water heaters, circulating pumps, and power vented hot water tank, depending on the hot water needs of your family and your home.

Call The Punctual Plumber® today for any hot water tank repairs, maintenance, or installations at (403) 775-6056.