Carbon Monoxide Testing in Calgary

High levels of carbon monoxide (CO), if found in the Calgary home, can pose grave risks or even the risk of death. Carbon monoxide is a by-product of combustion and can come from defective, improperly installed or worn out appliances, chimneys, vents and flues. Wood burning devices can be a source of CO. However, the most common suspects are oil, propane and natural gas appliances: water heaters, gas dryers, gas and oil furnaces, gas fireplaces.

Since humans cannot detect this gas until it is often times too late, carbon monoxide monitors have been developed for households to alert the residents of carbon monoxide presence. Families and individuals are encouraged to purchase sensors, install them inside their homes, and keep them properly maintained and with working batteries.

People are also encouraged to keep Calgary heating systems maintained to keep living areas well-ventilated. They are also asked to only purchase gas-burning devices that have been pre-approved by a national testing agency.

Calgary carbon monoxide monitoring is an important component in Calgary home security solutions and should not be disregarded. CO poisoning is extremely dangerous. Help protect your home and family today. The Punctual Plumber® can help. You will be able to rest easier knowing that your family is better protected through a security system from this invisible, silent intruder.

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